ACME 211.5 Whistles

I've got a load of new acme 211.5 training whistles if anyone needs one. £4.00 each or £7 for two. Just email me:

Got lots of other bits and bobs that I will post on our Facebook page the next week...

Added: 9/7/2013

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ACME 211.5 Whistles

We have some ACME whistles for only £4.00 each

Added: 9/7/2013

Proud to be supporting BASC

Did you know that we're a BASC trade member?

Added: 3/16/2013

Its the Gundogs day

We all love our Gundogs but what is it about them that drive us mad with love and pride.

Added: 3/11/2013

New calendar added to the website

We have just added a new calendar to the site to feature as many UK gundog events as possible.

Added: 3/10/2013

Ten new gundog breeders join our website

Over the past seven days we have seen ten more UK gundog breeders join the site!

Added: 3/6/2013

The new Gundog Breeders site is live!

Welcome to the new look site, please let us know what you think!

Added: 3/6/2013